Asinara Park

Scientific research

The Park collaborates with research institutions and universities with the aim of fostering knowledge of the environment, nature, related to sustainability and the enhancement of the tangible and intangible historical-cultural assets of the island.

Several projects are currently underway with various universities, and in parallel, the dialogue with communities of former Asinara residents and autonomous historical and cultural associations remains always active.

Publications archive

The Park Authority has been working for several years on the creation of a digital archive of publications concerning the island. Over time, the same body has edited several collections of essays that provide a general overview of Asinara’s naturalistic, environmental and cultural-historical heritage.

The goal in the near future is to create a database and make it accessible to the Asinara community and the entire public.

For anyone interested in learning more about the island, listed below is an essential bibliography that includes the books published by the Authority, scholarly disseminations devoted to different parentheses of the history and environmental profile, and some writings related to historical memory.

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