Asinara Park

Procedure for obtaining the Park Quality Label

The Environmental Quality Label of Asinara National Park is included within the network of Sardinian Parks and Protected Areas. The pathway originated a few years ago under the Retraparc (2008-2012) and Resmar (2011-2012) community projects. At the conclusion of the experimentation activities, Memoranda of Understanding were shared among the main protected areas of Sardinia (a first agreement between Asinara, La Maddalena, Porto Conte, Molentargius Parks on 10.04.2012; a second between Asinara, La Maddalena, Porto Conte, Geominerario, Amp Tavolara Parks on 19.04.2016).

(Resolution of the Asinara National Park Board of Directors No. 11/2017 and approval note of 7002/2017)

Procedure for granting the trademark:

1) The owner of the activity for which the granting of the Label is requested shall submit the application to the territorially competent Park Authority together with the attachments provided for in the Regulations.

2) The territorially competent Park Authority, upon receipt of the application, sends the applicant a document to fill out, demonstrating consistency between the contents of the specification and the farm’s production chain (self-certification).

3) The Park Authority conducts the check for compliance with the requirements stipulated in the quality charters, documentary (basic requirements) and one on the farm in order to assess consistency with the specifications.

4) Following the inspection, a special inspection report is drawn up and forwarded to the Trademark Granting Committee, which decides on the merits.

5) The ratification of the granting of the Trademark shall take place through the signing of the appropriate “Deed of Concession” between the territorially competent Park Authority and the applicant.

Below are the downloadable documents:

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