Asinara Park

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

There is a general prohibition on overflight by unauthorized vehicles placed on the Protected Area by Framework Law 394/91, as well as specific limitations established by Art. 21 “Exercise of flight” of the Asinara National Park Regulations.

For drone use within the Protected Area, permission must be obtained from the Park Authority, which does not issue it for recreational purposes but only for scientific or public benefit purposes.

Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed in Asinara National Park.

There are eateries at the urban centers of Fornelli, Cala Reale and Cala D’Oliva. For more information, please visit

Authorized Operators

On-call medical service operates exclusively during the summer period in the Cala Reale and Cala d’Oliva clinics. However, it is recommended to carry your own medication in case of need.

It is possible to stay overnight at the Park Hostel and Inn located in Cala d’Oliva.

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the National Park except in the cemented areas of Fornelli, Cala Reale and Cala d’Oliva.

It is forbidden to disturb and feed wild animals in the Protected Area as well as any behavior damaging buildings and habitats, including even partial taking and damaging of archaeological and mineral relics, plant species and shells.

A respectful attitude should be adopted at historical and memory sites.

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