Boreal owl looking to the camera on branch with copy space
Mountain goat, wild life
Rock Mountain

Facilities and exhibitions to visit on Asinara Island

Asinara National Park offers its visitors, in addition to natural beauty, different facilities and exhibitions of historical and cultural nature.

The exhibition is set up at the former Hospital, now renamed“Park House,” and can be visited by contacting the Cala Reale Visitor Center.

This is a photographic collection with images of an Asinara in black and white, a fascination that takes one back to the distant years of the early 1900s. The material was granted by Marina Massidda, who spent her childhood and youth at Punta Scorno Lighthouse north of Asinara Island with her family.

Each panel is accompanied by a few sentences, extracted from the poem“Azenara” by Poet and Guide of Asinara National Park, Fabrizio Pittalis.