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Asinara Park

The Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability

CEAS.inara, established in 2009 as the Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability within the INFEA system – Information, Training and Environmental Education of Sardinia, for its mission and operational organization is inspired by the principles of the Quality System for Environmental Education (S.I.Q.U.A.S.) promoted in 2010 by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.
The Center has the character of a multifunctional place for the promotion of the culture and economy of sustainability, with special reference to the issues of biodiversity protection and sustainable enjoyment for the purposes of education, awareness-raising, scientific and naturalistic popularization, cultural and educational tourism, and peaceful and supportive relations and lasting socio-economic well-being.
A place for creative and innovative experiences that are also enjoyable on an emotional level, enabling personal growth and fostering the level of active and responsible participation by all possible users and by different age groups. A place of inclusion, welcoming and positive, open and accessible to all, including people with disabilities, where everyone can tell their life experience and dialogue with the diversity of Others and the beauty of the common Nature, in an environmental context of absolute value as the Asinara National Park can offer.

Asinara National Park has among its primary responsibilities (Law 327/1991) environmental education and awareness aimed at biodiversity and landscape conservation.
The high naturalness, the beauty of the environment, and the suggestion of historical memory make the island a place of extraordinary emotional involvement, valuable reflection, and attention to the value of responsible protection.
A protection not as an end in itself, but as a gesture of deep awareness that this nature is a constitutive part of us, is an integral element of our happiness, of our well-being. Guardianship not as an obligation or even just as a duty, but rather as a joy, as a time of enthusiastic participation, love for our common nature and respect for the commons.

The facilities and services of CEAS.inara

The CEAS is located on Asinara Island in “Cala Reale,” and consists of multi-purpose facilities and outdoor spaces equipped for various experiential activities and educational services. The CEAS area in Cala Reale includes: the “House of the Park” (former hospital), with the documentation center and library, conference and meeting rooms, various thematic exhibition spaces, and restrooms, including those for the disabled; the “Sea Laboratory” (former pharmacy), with the science popularization laboratory, multimedia exhibition spaces (marine dioramas), and the multifunctional experiential educational laboratory; the “Experiential Room”
(formerly Capella), as a multifunctional place of emotional experience, training and updating, wellness activities and integration between man and nature. The equipped outdoor spaces, with the outdoor classroom, the nature trail for the blind, spaces for artistic expression, and the beach in front for outdoor laboratory activities. The area has appropriate signage and information panels and is equipped with pathways for full accessibility for people with disabilities, made in accordance with the law.

Educational methodologies

The methodologies applied refer to an experiential, playful and experimental approach that is enjoyable and fun, and tends to focus on the emotional involvement and active participation of users, children, youth and adults, including users of sustainable tourism services.

Since 2009, CEAS has been animating “Knowledge Workshops” with schools, which were developed with the methodological collaboration of the University of Sassari as part of the RETRAPARC Project – Sardinia-Corsica Network of Parks, and represent an original experience of scientific and naturalistic dissemination.

CEAS actively collaborates with other CEAS in the Northwest Sardinia Vast Area, adheres to the INFEA Network of the Region of Sardinia and participates in the development of national, European and Mediterranean programs and projects for the protection of biodiversity and the promotion of the culture and economy of sustainability.

The CEAS for sustainability education and scientific and naturalistic outreach activities connects with the System of Five Observatories that the Park has already activated or is in the process of implementing on Asinara Island.


Ceas Management Office

Asinara National Park Authority Marine Protected Area “Asinara Island”

Via Ponte Romano 81 – 07046 Porto Torres SS – ITALY

Tel. 079503388


Web site:

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