Asinara Park

The Asinara National Park Plan

According to article 12 of the law Framework on Protected Areas the tasks and protection practices of the Park Authority are enshrined and regulated by the Park Plan, a constituent instrument whose purpose is to regulate its activities.

The Asinara National Park Plan includes the following points:

  1. General organization of the territory and its articulation into areas or parts characterized by differentiated forms of use, enjoyment and protection;
  2. constraints, public or private uses, and related implementation rules with reference to the various areas or parts of the plan;
  3. vehicular and pedestrian accessibility systems with special emphasis on routes, access and Facilities reserved for the disabled, handicapped and elderly;
  4. systems of equipment and services for the management and social function of the park, museums, visitor centers, information offices, camping areas, agrotourism activities;
  5. guidelines and criteria for interventions on flora, fauna and the natural environment in general.
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