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Asinara Park

The Observers of the Asinara National Park and the Marine Protected Area "Asinara Island."

What they are and how they work

One of the purposes of national parks, as indicated in the framework law on protected areas (394/91), is the promotion of scientific research, training and environmental education activities, understood not only as knowledge of the territory and the natural resource, but also and above all as the development of new positive behaviors toward the environment, in awareness of and respect for all biological relationships existing in nature.

Asinara is the last still undeveloped island in the western Mediterranean, with more than 50 sq. km of surface area: for this reason, it is of international interest because of the landscape, geology, flora and fauna that have been able to be preserved within a geographical basin, the Mediterranean one, now almost completely anthropized.

The use of natural resources, in limited areas-for extensive agricultural and livestock uses-has helped diversify habitats and increase the island’s biodiversity, which is characterized by naturalistic peculiarities of the highest value, with a territory rich in endemisms and rare species.

In relation to the importance of the island of Asinara, its specific richness and high biological diversity, the Biodiversity Observatories were established.

Their purpose is to support management interventions and has a scientific and educational function.

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