SEA Watcher APP Presentation

On June 21 and 22, 2022, within the scientific framework of the Strong Sea Life project, ISPRA, Agris, Asinara National Park, and Flag North Sardinia will present the SEAWatcher App at two municipalities in North Sardinia: Castelsardo and Porto Torres.

SEAWatcher, developed by MITE, is the app linked to #StrongSeaLife: it is the tool to facilitate the recovery of ghost nets and gear lost at sea.

Let’s start the first concrete activities in the field! The first direct stakeholders are the fishermen, key players who will benefit from the timely intervention of the removals and whose cooperation is of paramount importance to the success of the project actions.
The presentation of the App will be addressed in parallel to: divers, boaters, diving centers, tourists and citizens who will play a leading role in the dissemination of actions and results, contributing to the restoration of Habitats.

A detailed program of the two days is attached.

SEA Watcher Program (2503539 Kb)

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