Collaboration between the Forestry and Environmental Supervision Corps and Asinara National Park and Marine Protected Area is strengthened

Signed the new operational program for the year 2021 between the Asinara National Park and the Forestry and Environmental Supervision Corps to carry out the institutional activities of environmental control and monitoring of the protected area, both on land and at sea, with the consolidation of the “Environmental Territorial Coordination” (CTA), a technical operational structure between the two entities.

“Surveillance functions are carried out regularly with the use of off-road vehicles, with a patrol boat and two water-jet dinghies,” says Sassari Inspectorate director Gian Carlo Muntoni. “From this year, in order to enhance control and surveillance activities, even in particularly bad weather conditions, an oceanographic boat will be used, which will also have both air and sea drones and the use of thermal imaging cameras for increased effectiveness of nighttime controls.

Park Commissioner Gabriela Scanu points out that “in addition to activities to protect natural resources, monitor fishing and recreational boat traffic, the CTA will be engaged in organizing visitor services for the protected area and in outreach and environmental education activities.” In fact, the Forestry and Environmental Surveillance Corps is a technical corps, with especially qualified personnel, which carries out the functions aimed at protecting the natural environment, in close cooperation with the Park Authority.

“Another collaborative action envisioned in the CTA”-says Park Director Vittorio Gazale-“is support in the recovery of wildlife in distress, with intervention in rescue actions and transfer of injured animals to the facilities at La Reale for marine species and Bonassai for terrestrial species, and finally their subsequent reintroduction into the wild.”

CTA also cooperates with the Park on the fire plan and some legal-administrative aspects in preparing litigation related to sanctioned offenses within the perimeter of the Park area and Marine Protected Area. As well as, starting in 2020, in managing the implementation of Asinara’s anti-contagious plan to combat the current Coronavirus pandemic in the management of visitor visits.

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