Preparation of a list of licensed tourist and environmental hiking guides

By Determination of the Director of the Asinara National Park No. 92 of 01.03.2023, the preparation of a list of tourist and environmental hiking guides licensed to the profession, who are interested in carrying out the activity at the Asinara National Park and MPA “Asinara Island” is initiated.

The list of guides, drawn up on the basis of applications received, will be updated every 15 days, and applicants will be qualified to carry out activities with Authorized Park Operators.

The list will be valid only and exclusively for the year 2023, and the work activity may be preferential for possible selections for Park Guide courses.

Authorized Park Operators may draw from the list once the availability of exclusive Park Guides has been exhausted.

Attached is an application to be completed and sent to the Asinara National Park Authority exclusively via pec to the address:

Instance_Guides Enabled 2023
List of Qualified Guides 2023_agg 8 Aug.

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